Peach sales are no longer being taken. Thank you for a wonderful peach season. We hope to see you next year!

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Alida's Fruits

Under NEW ownership of STRiVE Colorado, Alida's Fruits aims to offer you the best salsa, jams, syrups, and fruit butters made from Fresh Palisade Peaches & Fruits.

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Customer Approved

Our Palisade Peaches have been winning over taste buds for years. See why people choose Alida's Fruits as their #1 choice for Colorado Peaches.

Natural Products

We grow some of the best 100% natural Palisade peaches in Colorado! Learn why Palisade Peaches are the best in Colorado.

Best Quality

We use the freshest fruits grown right here in Palisade, Colorado. We only use the best hand-picked local peaches.

Always Fresh

The freshness of the produce used in our products is unquestionable. All product used in Alida's Fruit jams hand picked fresh!

Create Your Own Jam Box

Jelly: Is made from fruit juice, sugar and pectin, and sets up very firm.

Jam: Less firm than jelly and made from crushed or chopped fruit, sugar and pectin.

Preserves: Less firm than jam and made from small, whole fruits or small chunks of fruit, sugar and pectin.

Choose 4 of your favorite jam and jelly flavors from a selection of over 35 delicious Jams, Jellies, Butters or Preserves. All come in 9 oz. jars, and are made in Palisade Colorado!

Dried & Dipped Fruits, Candy, Jams, Salsa's

Fresh Palisade Peaches

Palisade peaches are said to be the best, simply because they’re ripe, sweet and loaded with chin-dripping juice. Fresh tree-ripened organic Palisade peaches grown by Alida's Fruits, small family orchards in Palisade, CO.

Known for a sweetness and juiciness that’s unparalleled, Alida's Palisade Peaches are great raw, baked into pastries, served as grilled peaches or frozen.

Our Latest Recipes

Put our peach products to use.

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Blue Cornmeal Pancakes

Nov 5th 2019