Create Your Own Salsa Box

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Product Overview

Choose 4 of your favorite Alida's Fruits Salsas to create the ultimate salsa box. Our mouth-watering Mild Jalapeno Palisade Peach Salsa, our bolder Medium Jalapeno Palisade Peach Salsa and our Strawberry Salsa are sure to satisfy. Our Habanero Salsas were created to please the more stout-hearted salsa lovers out there. All made right here in Colorado, using only the freshest Colorado ingredients. It is sure to delight! Contains 4-16 oz. jars.

What's the Difference Between Our Salsas?

Mild/Zesty Salsas are a Mild heat Salsa made with a small amount of jalapeno peppers, and are suitable for all tastes and heat tolerances. Medium/Spicy Salsas are a Medium heat Salsa made with a larger quantity of jalapeno peppers than the Mild/Zesty Salsa, and while still suitable for all tastes, are for those with a higher heat tolerance. Habanero Salsas are a HOT Salsa made with a small amount of jalapeno peppers and a generous amount of Habanero peppers, and should only be consumed by those with a high tolerance for spicy heat.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review