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Palisade Information

Information About Palisade Colorado Peaches

What Makes Palisade and the Grand Valley Special?

The Colorado River is the lifeline of Colorado’s Grand Valley and in particular, the Palisade and East Orchard Mesa area.  Over millions of years, the Colorado River has continued to change its course, leaving rich sediments behind.  As the river emerges from DeBeque Canyon to the east, the Book Cliffs and Grand Mesa provide towering backdrops.  Erosion from 10,000-foot Grand Mesa provides quality deposits to this mix. 

From Colorado’s uplands, early morning winds funnel out of the canyon.  These winds, referred to as the “Million-Dollar Breeze,” significantly reduce frost conditions and provide a temperate climate.  An extensive system of irrigation canals provides the final ingredient.  The result?  The finest growing conditions for some of the best fruit available in the world.