Check Out Our New Green Chili! View Details Here.
Check Out Our New Green Chili! View Details Here.


Alida’s variety of flavored fruit candy makes for a perfect treat or gift in any assortment. Our fruit candies are made from produce grown here at our Shop Location. Made from fresh peaches, apples, apricots and more, Alida's flavored fruit candy is he sweetest and most sour on the western slope! With an assortment of fruity candy this good, it’s a good thing our website is open 24/7.

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Get all your favorite fruit jams and jelly flavors from a selection of more than 25 delicious Jams, Jellies, Butters or Preserves. Check out the Jalapeno and Habanero Jam selections for something really different! Alida’s Fruit Jams are available in 4 oz, and 9 oz, and are made in Palisade, Colorado!

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