Check Out Our New Green Chili! View Details Here.
Check Out Our New Green Chili! View Details Here.


Our Medium Salsas are a Medium heat Salsa made with a moderate quantity of Jalapeno peppers, and while quite suitable for all tastes, are for those with a slightly higher heat tolerance than our 84 year old namesake (she made me say that). Our Habanero Peach Salsa is a HOT Salsa made with a small amount of jalapeno peppers, a generous amount of Habanero peppers, and should only be consumed by those with a fairly high tolerance for spicy heat. Our Inferno Peach Salsa is made for those who have already burnt out their stomach lining or wish to do so. Made with a small amount of Jalapeno Peppers and a very generous amount of Carolina Reaper peppers (currently one of the hottest peppers known), the Inferno Peach Salsa is definitely not for everyone. Good one to give that special person in your life who likes to brag they can eat anything though!

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Get all your favorite fruit jams and jelly flavors from a selection of more than 25 delicious Jams, Jellies, Butters or Preserves. Check out the Jalapeno and Habanero Jam selections for something really different! Alida’s Fruit Jams are available in 4 oz, and 9 oz, and are made in Palisade, Colorado!

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