Alida’s Syrup Ideas

Glaze hams the last 15 minutes of baking with syrup; for a thicker glaze add Alida’s Apricot Jam to syrup. Options: add prepared mustard to syrup and/or jam for a great glaze! OR you may add finely diced hot jalapeno for some real “kick”.

Create a delicious milkshake by adding your favorite Alida’s syrup with milk and ice cream in a blender!

Glaze yams for a real treat or pour over cooked yams until bubbly.

Add apricot syrup to stuffing mixes along with chopped pecans for a gourmet dish. Corn bread stuffing with syrup is delicious with ham.

Glaze other meats such as grilled chicken breasts or pork chops the last couple minutes on the grill. OR serve heated up syrup along side baked chicken, pork chops, etc. Experiment by adding finely diced onion, garlic, or whatever you like!

Whipped cream? Yes, add a tablespoon or more when whipping cream. Amounts vary according to the amount of cream you are using. A little brown sugar also added gives great flavor.

Syrups may be thickened with a tsp. or so of Simple Creations Freezer Jam Pectin- per cup or adjust to thickening desired.

Use as an ice cream topping.

Add to rice pudding, over pound cake, the list goes on!

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